Ramblings 2: Some sort of records

It’s not that I don’t like music. I just don’t collect it. I’ve got no idea what an MP3 player is or even a DVD for that matter. I’ve probably got about 10 CDs and that number has doubled and redoubled in recent times. At one point a guitarist friend was able to brag that his work represented half my collection which was then two. Whole technologies seem to have passed me by. I only ever had a handful of cassettes and they baked to death in the glove box of an old car.

It’s probably not surprising, therefore, that I reckon I can only claim to know the words of one song, Hey Jude, a minor accomplishment maybe it at least puts me one up on the bloke who thought it was Hey Dude!

My former record collection (vinyl) consisting of LPs and singles, 33s and 45s ( no 78s), was small and eclectic.

The LPs comprised the grand total of six:

  1. Janis Joplin and the Holding Company, Cheap Thrills (with album cover design by Robert Crumb).
  2. Led Zeppelin III (the acoustic album).
  3. A Glen Miller swing album.
  4. Grand Funk Railroad, can’t remember the title, possibly Grand Funk Railroad.
  5. Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, Jonathan Miller, Beyond the Fringe (spoken word)
  6. David Frost et al, The Frost Report (spoken word)


My singles were even more select:

  1. Fleetwood Mac, Oh well
  2. Masters Apprentices, Turn Up Your Radio
  3. Neil Diamond, La Bell A Mi

Numbers 1 and 2 can pass muster but number 3 … Why?

One comment

  1. Bruce Hamilton Weir · December 16, 2012

    Well ,Well ,Well. I can boast that my first record collection DID include some 78s…in fact it was comprised solely of 78s. There were 3 of them…”A Story of Robin Hood”, “The Lone Ranger” and “The Three Bears”…..my mum bought them for me….I was 4 years old at the time. P.S. I happen to be the aforementioned guitarist !!!

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