Ramblings 1: Gang labour

My first job for the Adelaide City Council was on the road gang. A couple of weeks work jack-hammering. We met at the Works Depot, jumped on the back of a truck, around eight to ten blokes headed by a leading hand and dispersed to all parts of the city. Our bit of road repair was a tiny side street in which a small collection of single-fronted cottages nestled together.

When the jack-hammers were going there was no chance of conversation but in between my fellow labourers (mainly migrants) were somewhat limited in the topics they discussed. Sex was the most popular although often emphasised as jig-a-jig and didn’t move beyond who was getting it and how often. A queer looking Chinese-Greek didn’t seem to be get it so I assumed he’d never had it and the other Australian fellow was so spaced out on grass that he scarcely would’ve known Arthur from Martha if he cared. If he had a brain it was fucked and his work productivity was low. He spent far more time leaning on his shovel than lifting it.


  1. Bruce Hamilton Weir · December 14, 2012

    This job sounds far more stimulating and demanding than the job of changing light bulbs……Bruce

    • bern1509 · December 16, 2012

      Thanks Bruce. I think you might also enjoy Ramblings 2 which refers to the fact of your CD making up half of my collection at one point.

      • Bruce Hamilton Weir · December 27, 2012

        Dear Bern1509, I cannot locate Ramblings 2…can you direct me to it please Regards Bruce

  2. Bruce Hamilton Weir · December 27, 2012

    Dear Bern1509, The clock on your Blog is out …it records the time I wrote the above as 8-04 PM when in fact I did it at 6-36 AM Bruce Also I wrote it on 28th Dec NOT 27th

  3. Bruce Hamilton Weir · December 27, 2012

    P.S. I have now pinned down Ramblings 2,,,,,,,I would like to add to such by pointing out to your illustrious and most-worthy Blog followers that I am the guitarist to whom you make reference in that Rambling Regards Bruce

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