The Official MCC Ashes Treasures (2009, 2010, 2013)/The Official MCC Story of the Ashes (2015)


This book was one of my fastest pieces of writing. Commissioned by Carlton Books in late July, 2008 with a deadline of the end of August. It was completed by 20 August while holding down a full-time job as South Australian Cricket Association historian and busily engaged on preparations for the opening of the Bradman Collection Museum at Adelaide Oval on 31 August. The book consists of 28 essays on Ashes themes or around 35,000 words of text. Friend and associates were amazed by my reply to the question of how long it took to write. Three and a half weeks or 45 years! It takes the form of a museum in a book because in addition to the photographs which were added later it contains a number of envelopes and sleeves with facsimile items of memorabilia from the Lord’s Museum. The book was published by Carlton in 2009 in hardback with an attractive slipcover and I signed copies of the book at the museum during the Lord’s Ashes Test. An Australian imprint was published by ABC Books the same year. A second edition was published in 2010 by Carlton with two separate slipcover designs, the Australian version produced using the Seven Oaks imprint. A third edition was again published by Carlton in 2013 while Allen & Unwin published in Australia under their Crows Nest imprint. Angus Fraser and David Boon provided forewords to the English and Australian editions respectively. The fourth edition which appeared in 2015 involved a major revamp, more than doubling the pages to 160 while being half the thickness. This was achieved by dispensing with the enclosures and converting many of them into pictorial material. In addition there are many new photographs, additional introductions to sections redesigned as chapters, two new essays covering the back to back series of 2013 and 2013-14 and an index. It is a spectacular overhaul and the increased space afforded pictorial material on the page is a bonus.ASHES STORY

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